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Farm Loans

Made Simple

OldMac’s team has farmed over 20 different crop and livestock types in 12 different states. Not bad for a lender?

Try a cheaper, better and faster way to finance your farm.

We’re Farmers.

We’re Lenders.

Try a new, better and simpler way to finance your farming operation. Meet OldMac AgriFinance.

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We Provide 3 Loan Types

We know you’d much rather get back to the field than fill out forms. So, try a cheaper, better and faster way to finance your farm.

Real Estate

Operating Loans

Special Situation


We offer both amortizing and interest-only structures

We offer initial purchase financing and refinancing

Assuming you qualify, we will match or beat any other financing provider, or we’ll buy you a steak dinner.

Ready for a better borrowing experience?



Loan questionnaire and application






Loan closing


Loan questionnaire and application


Loan closing

A Simpler and Smarter Way to Borrow

Do you find your existing lender difficult to deal with? Cumbersome? Do they not understand your business?

You deserve a simple, streamlined application process.

Our online application process takes no longer than 10 minutes. At completion, you’ll be offered several different loan products that optimize interest rates, debt service, loan term, amortization and use of proceeds. Once your loan is funded, we’re here 24/7 to answer any questions you have or provide additional financial support – you work around the clock; we do, too.


Interest only & amortizing structures on real estate loans


Multi-year operating lines

Higher advance rates


More nuanced and analytic underwriting process

We have a 3 step process to get financed in 30 days or less.

OldMac fixes this. We offer a suite of ag real estate and operating loan products that can’t be offered by today’s current lending solutions but are guaranteed to save you money and increase returns on your operation.

Less hassle.

Less paperwork.

Less finance.

More farming.

Old Mac offers a suite of real estate and operating loan products that banks and governments agencies can’t beat. We shoot to accomplish all of this in 30 days or less. Operating loans can be done in less than 2 weeks.

Pretty good, right? OldMac has some financial skills EIO $$

Whether you need a $1 million operating line to grow row crops in Iowa or a $9 million real estate loan to replant a 250-acre apple orchard in Washington, our loans can’t be beat. They work just as hard as you do to get the job done.

We are here to help you buy a new farm, re-finance an existing farm, or fund your agricultural operation.

Our rates are competitive with Farm Credit, regional and national banks and insurance companies. In fact, our interest rates are some of the lowest in the space and we’re one of the largest interest-only lenders in the market.

OldMac can save you cash!

To learn more about our loan products and pricing, see below:

Interest only & amortizing structures on real estate loans

Multi-year operating lines

Specialty landing products

Learn More about Our Straightforward Solutions

At OldMac, we are passionate about helping local farmers find success. Since we view each relationship as a partnership, you get the greatest amount of support to better weather the ups and downs.

Let us help you assess your financial needs, offer you a flexible loan term and save you money in the long run.